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Money Can Buy Me Happiness is a website about maximising value from the money you have to enjoy to life now, rather than waiting until traditional retirement age.

My work has been featured in the following sites:

Rockstar Finance



I love to partner with brands that are relevant to my readership whether travel or personal finance related. I can provide the following:

  • product reviews
  • banner and tile ads,
  • strategic sponsored posts

If your products help people to either save money or make more money then I’d love to talk. Get in touch with me here.




Hi, I'm Emma. I set about gaining financial freedom back in 2012 when my son was born. I've been hustling to pay down debt, save money and build online and passive income streams ever since. You can find out more here.

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  1. I LOVE this! Stumbled on your site by accident (or was it purpose?) Love your posts and tips and will be following from now on. Thank you Emma from Karine (Tauranga , New Zealand).

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