The best coffee in Mexico City

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Gradios Deli Cafe

We stumbled along this place literally – the footpaths on Luis Moya are hazardous and not at all stroller friendly – in our search for a Cafe Punta del Cielo after our awesome experience there in Merida.

Poor Dave and Dylan were dragged through a network of gridded streets selling all manner of plumbing and hardware supplies in my search for a decent coffee amongst the madness of Mexico City. I knew no schmick, minimalist coffee chain would have a place amongst the workshops of the Distrito Federal so I was about to give up my search when I spotted the biggest blue coffee roaster I have ever seen poking out of the front door of a very obscure looking storefront.

And then I smelt it.

We went in. It was awesome. So we went back every single day for two weeks. The staff loved the baby. Dylan seemed to have a little baby crush on the owner. There was no room at all for the buggy so the ergobaby carrier won. FYI: Using a buggy in Mexico City is madness, just take a sling or carrier.

I am still craving this coffee. Both Dave and I agree it was the BEST coffee we have EVER had ANYWHERE. Please ignore the cloud of smug forming around my head but I have had a lot of coffee in a lot of places so this is a huge deal. I found my coffee Shangri-La. Gradios Deli cafe should be part of every Mexico City itinerary.

Go there! P.S The food was also awesome.

 Awesome chicken salad Mexico City
Ensalada de Pollo.
Tostadas de pollo y salsa verde. Mexico City.
Tostadas de pollo y salsa verde. Muy rico!

You can find out more about Gradios by visiting their Facebook page 



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