7 Sites Like Swagbucks for Making Extra Money Online

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Swagbucks alternatives for those of you who want to make extra money online. Here are seven of the best sites like Swagbucks for earning gift cards and cash online.We’ve all dreamed about bulking up our bank accounts from the comfort of our own home. It may sound too good to be true, but online reward sites like Swagbucks are actually a great way to do just that in your free time.

Signing up is always free, and you can get a pretty decent chunk of change just from watching a thirty-second commercial, printing a free coupon, visiting a website, or even sharing your opinions on your favorite brands and products.

The best part is that these tasks can be completed anywhere and at any time, whether you’re passing time on the bus or relaxing in your pyjamas on the couch.

While Swagbucks has been the most well-known reward site out there for quite a while now, there are others that deserve the spotlight too. Whether you plan on using them to supplement your Swagbucks habit or you’re just starting your online rewards journey today, these seven Swagbucks alternatives can serve as a legitimate side hustle and help you make a significant income.

Some users even report making thousands of dollars on a yearly basis, so ask yourself: what are you waiting for?

7 Swagbucks Alternatives To Try Today

1. CashCrate

While CashCrate has a bevvy of options for earning points including trial offers, games, and videos, surveys are by far the most popular way to get the dollars stacking.

Topics range from your past purchases to your opinion on the latest releases in music, movies, and television.

Unlike its competitors, CashCrate has a minimum payout of twenty dollars. The site also mails out monthly checks with your earnings, but only if you manage to exceed the twenty dollar mark.

This is a pretty major disadvantage, especially if you’re in need of funds sooner rather than later.

However, CashCrate says it has paid out over three million dollars to its users since its inception in 2006, and it even has a forum filled with users sharing their checks if you had any doubts about the veracity of its claims.

As with most sites like Swagbucks, it takes determination and persistence, but it’s worth it in the end!

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2. PrizeRebel

With nearly eight million loyal members and over fifteen million dollars in cash and rewards redeemed since its launch in 2007, PrizeRebel is one of the most popular rewards sites on the scene.

Its easily navigable interface also puts it miles ahead of its competitors in terms of usability.

One major pitfall is that the availability of certain rewards depends on your account level. For example, you can only redeem two dollars if you’re silver level or above; otherwise, you have to wait until you can afford a five dollar payout.

To move from bronze to silver, gold, platinum, and eventually diamond, you have to earn tens of thousands of points. Much like CashCrate, you get what you put in.

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3. InstaGC

First things first: yes, it really is instant. You can get your payment without any delay whatsoever, and the site has a generously low payout minimum of just one dollar if you ever need a dose of instant gratification. The “GC” part of the site’s name, short for gift cards, is deceiving – but in a good way.

Your payout can come through PayPal, direct deposit, eCheck, or Visa Card in addition to the standard gift card fare!

Your PayPal balance can easily be transferred to your bank account, so you can get straight up cash that can be used on anything from gas to your rent. This fact alone makes InstaGC one of the best Swagbucks alternatives out there by far.

There are a dizzying amount of choices on the InstaGC homepage, especially for a new user, but the best ones to start with are Peanut Labs, RadiumOne, and Figure Eight.

Peanut Labs has some of the most interesting surveys that InstaGC has to offer, with two of the most common topics being entertainment and pop culture.

RadiumOne has a wide range of options for earning points – you can watch video clips, print coupons, click through sponsored slideshows, check out new websites, and even sign up for email newsletters.

Lastly, Figure Eight has a unique and ever-changing set of tasks that can be completed for points. One day, you may find yourself moderating content for a social media channel, and the next day could be spent transcribing audio recordings or categorizing products for a major company.

One thing is for sure: you’ll never find yourself without something to do on InstaGC.

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4. GiftHulk

Like Swagbucks and InstaGC, you can earn points (called Hulk Coins on GiftHulk) through surveys, tasks, and videos.

GiftHulk also has a daily card guessing game, which is a really fun way to get extra dollars to deposit. Another cool feature is GiftHulk TV, which goes beyond commercials and pays you to watch everything from celebrity news coverage to educational clips.

Instead of scrolling through social media, why not spend your spare time learning something new and making some extra money?

GiftHulk is also unique in one major way: you can get your payout in Bitcoins. If you’re not a fan of digital currency, there are also the options of PayPal and, of course, gift cards for restaurants, department stores, and more. The site says that its payout is instantaneous, but there’s really a delay of about a half hour.

This isn’t too big of a deal, but it’s an undeniable drawback when compared to sites like InstaGC that hands over your hard-earned cash in the blink of an eye.

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5. MyPoints

In addition to the omnipresent paid surveys on famous brands and top trends, MyPoints has coupon offers for companies like Sephora and Sears, sponsored videos, and a daily poll that can be taken to rack up extra points.

MyPoints also sends out BonusMail emails that automatically reward you when you open them – it really can’t get much easier than that!

Unfortunately, MyPoints is only available in the United States and Canada, so the majority of the world’s population is unable to access its services. For those who can, the minimum payout is five dollars, which is higher than the majority of other reward sites.

However, the site has so many opportunities to earn points that it won’t take you long at all to reach that goal and receive your gift card or prepaid credit card of choice.

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6. iRazoo

iRazoo is mainly known for its surveys, but it also pays its users to play games, enter daily and weekly promo codes, download free apps, complete free trials, and watch movie trailers.

Downloading free apps is one of the easiest and most lucrative options, but be sure that you remember to delete the ones you don’t plan on using to avoid taking up space on your device.

Over the years, iRazoo has paid out over eight million dollars in gift cards to thousands of users worldwide. The only real downside is that you have to monitor the site’s Facebook and Twitter accounts in order to keep up with the daily and weekly promo codes.

This isn’t really a deal breaker, but it can definitely add extra time and effort to your rewards routine.

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7. Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper has barely changed since it was created over a decade ago, and that’s for good reason according to their committed community of users. (Plus they still give you a sign-up bonus)

It puts a fun twist on the typical rewards site, with its treasure trove theme expanding to include games, contests, and one-of-a-kind e-treasure hunts.

It also offers other more standard tasks including surveys with payouts ranging from fifty cents to fifty dollars.

Like CashCrate, Treasure Trooper has a twenty dollar minimum and mails out checks on a monthly basis.

However, they recently started offering instant payouts through PayPal, which makes it one of the most widely preferred Swagbucks alternatives.

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No matter which websites you choose to use, be sure to enjoy your hard-earned rewards!



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