When in Mexico: Tequila Tasting with a Toddler

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No it’s not Tequila! Dylan loved the Miel de Agave (Agave Honey). It was delicioso!

Tequila makes me gag. The lemon and salt do nothing to eliminate that warm, unsteady feeling when it hits my belly and I hope it stays there. So as you can imagine I was quite ok not doing a tour to Tequila as part of our trip to Guadalajara, Jalisco. Dave was keen but not on his own. I thought logic would save me, pleading “What kind of parents would we be if we took our toddler on a tequila tasting tour?”.

Dave wasn’t buying it. He reckoned we were exactly the type of parents who did just that. Then I found out that kids under 3 were free and the frugal mama in me rescinded.

I strongly considered the Tequila Train but it looked like a non-stop party which wouldn’t allow Dylan the quiet time to nap. We found a coach tour to a Tequila via two tequila distilleries with Guadalajara Tours which cost less than half the Tequila Train and included hotel pickup and drop off. Sold.

Tequila Wall???????????????????????????????

Within an hour of leaving Guadalajara and with a napping toddler in my arms, Dave tackled Tres Mujeres solo. I stayed camped out in the warm coach, and when the driver got out and locked the door without noticing I was sitting in the back with a small child in my arms I considered yelling out to him not to lock the door. Then I remembered my Number One Travel With Toddler rule – Never Mess With Nap Time! So I stayed quiet and hoped we’d be ok.


When Dylan woke up, we got the drivers attention and managed to escape the coach and join Dave for the tour and tasting. As is our usual modus operandi we tag teamed the tasting. Dave got the first one while Dylan played on the toy motorbikes in the souvenir shop.

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I left my tasting until we reached La Cofradia, an amazing distillery just outside the town of Tequila. Not wanting Dylan to feel left out the hostess gave him a small cup of Miel de Agave (Agave Honey) to try. The Colombian ladies in our tour group didn’t hear the hostess say it was NOT TEQUILA BUT HONEY and gasped in horror as they watched Dylan down his ‘shot’ in one. Thankfully we were able to explain in Spanish that it was honey and not at all harmful to our child.


Both distilleries were very generous with their tastings, I noticed a lot of our group were tipsy afterwards. After the tasting we were given a couple of hours to walk around the town of Tequila. The town itself is beautiful and well-kept, no-doubt tourism dollars help keep it that way.
We had a great time on the Tequila Tour and found it very child friendly.

Tequila Town



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    • Hehe, I just had to Lily. It was such a funny moment, although I realise it looks shocking the agave nectar was divine! Much tastier (and safer) than tequila! Thanks for reading!

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