The best coffee in Mexico City

Gradios Deli Cafe We stumbled along this place literally – the footpaths on Luis Moya are hazardous and not at all stroller friendly – in our search for a Cafe Punta del Cielo after our awesome experience there in Merida. Poor Dave and Dylan were dragged through a network of gridded streets selling all manner … Read more

At home in la ciudad blanca, Merida

We rented a beautiful house in Merida’s Centro Historico for the month of January. We are so glad we took the time to relax here, and realised that the only way we can sustain long term travel is to move between a series of ‘homes’.

When you stay in a place for an extended period of time you begin to feel like you belong there. Street vendors don’t bother you constantly; you learn the quickest way to get what you need. You find a favourite supermarket, bar, restaurant, and the best place to get a decent coffee. I love the feeling of living in another place, that sense that maybe you fit in a little.

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