Frugal Gift Ideas for Kids

If you want to maximise the enjoyment your kids get from their Christmas gifts whilst on a budget, these frugal gift ideas for kids are all you need.

This year will be our second Christmas as a family of four. It’s also only a few weeks before we head off travelling as a family so we want to make sure we stick to our budget and don’t go crazy buying things for the kids – which is so tempting! Here’s what we’re planning … Read more

When a Car Payment Is Not the Norm

Once of our rules for building wealth is not to borrow for depreciating assets, which includes cars. But our old car is starting to fail and we're struggling with the idea of spending a lot of cash to buy a new (to us) car.

It’s winter in New Zealand and just recently my car heater decided to crap out. Well, technically it still works, only it blows cold air, not hot. As we don’t have a garage the car is exposed to the elements. I have to de-ice windscreen with warm water before driving in the morning. It’s a … Read more