15 Bullet Journal Budget Trackers to Help You Manage Your Money Like a Boss

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Using a bullet journal budget tracker to manage your money is a great way to stay on top of your finances. These bullet journal spreads for budgeting and money management are gorgeous and practical - get inspired.
Have you considered using a bullet journal budget tracker? I have to admit, up until a few weeks ago, I tracked my budget on a scrap of paper stuck to my office wall and a spreadsheet.

I also use Pocketsmith for tracking after the fact, but I’ve been on a mission to get more organised and spend less time managing my money on a day-to-day basis, so using a bullet journal budget spread really appeals.

This is actually my first foray into the Bujo life. I’ve found that just partially easing myself into starting a bullet journal works really well for me.

I resisted bullet journalling for so long because it looked like an awful lot of work to maintain – and I thought planners were supposed to save me time.

That’s why using a bullet journal for budgeting appeals, as I can try out bullet journalling for managing one aspect of my life before committing to the whole shebang.

Here’s a thorough list of budget categories to include in your bujo.

Want to start managing your budget with a bullet journal? Using a bullet journal budget and expense tracker can help you manage your money in a way that suits you. Check out these beautiful bullet journal spreads for money management now.

15 Drool-Worthy Bullet Journal Budget and Finance Spreads

I’ve found Instagram to be a huge source of inspiring bullet journal ideas, and I wanted to share some of my favourites with you today.

1. Simple Bullet Journal Budget and Expense Tracker

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For those of us getting started with our first bujo budget tracker, this simple template works well with sections for groceries and other expenses.

2. Aspirational Budget Tracker

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I adore this bullet journal layout for budgeting because it puts the budget right there next to a savings tracker and wish list.

Y’all know I’m all about using that money of yours to make your dreams come true, so I’m in love with this bujo budget spread.

3. Minimalist Budget Tracker

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I really like this minimalist bullet journal layout for budgeting because it’s more my style. I want to say that I’m awesome at hand-lettering but reality bites. This design is simple and effective.

4. Track Your Baby Steps

This bujo for Dave Ramsey’s baby steps is such a great idea. It shows that you can use your bullet journal to track almost every aspect of your finances, and in a way that appeals to you.

5. Emergency Fund Tracker

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Are you trying to save an emergency fund? Good on you! Having an emergency fund makes life a lot less stressful.

Did you know you could create a bullet journal savings tracker to track your progress? Love the colourful touches in this bullet journal.

6. Track your savings goals

This is another gorgeous way of tracking your savings goals that use colour to keep you motivated.

Using a bujo to monitor your finances is a fun way to control your money. These gorgeous budget spreads for a bullet journal will give you loads of ideas on how to layout your bullet journal budget spread for optimal money management with a touch of creativity.

7. The Everything in One Place

This design is more of an overall monthly spread which includes a budget tracker. Great for those of us who like to see everything in one place.

8. Cash Envelope Budgeting – BuJo Style

This visual expense tracker is great for the creatives amongst us. Love how it channels the cash envelope budgeting system with the envelope pics – clever!

9. Debt Tracker

If you’ve ever tried to pay back a lot of debt, you understand there is great satisfaction in milestones like reducing your debt to four figures, or eliminating a debt altogether. Bullet journal debt trackers are a great way to visualise your progress.

10. Credit Card Debt and Payment Tracker

Paying back credit card debt requires a certain level of organisation, especially if you’re dealing with multiple cards. This tracker is ideal for managing all the payments and tracking progress made towards each card’s balance.

11. House Deposit Savings Tracker

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Saving for a house deposit can sometimes feel like an insurmountable task. Not so with this clever tracker. Just colour a brick when you reach each milestone.

12. Monthly Budget Tracker with Weekly Spending Breakdowns

This appeals to me as I believe monthly budgets need to be broken down to more functional weekly components.

13. Earnings Tracker

This bullet journal money tracker is essential for those of us who are self-employed.

14. Complement Your Online Budget Software

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I love this budget tracker as a complement to YNAB. I use Pocketsmith but find that I really need that pen and paper version of a budget tracker, and this shows that a combined analogue and digital budget can work together beautifully.

15. Savings Compass for Travel Fund

A bujo after my own heart. Travel themed with the compass and a lovely way to stay motivated when saving money for travel.

I’m so excited to learn more about bullet journalling and expand it to other parts of my life. I’m thinking a cleaning and organization tracker and a health tracker would be the idea next steps.

Do you budget in a bullet journal? Any tips or spreads I just have to check out? Let me know in the comments.



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