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There is nothing like the feeling of line-dried clothes. As people search for ways to reduce their impact on the environment and save on the electric bill, more of us are installing rotary washing lines to line dry clothes and linen. Although using a washing line can take more time, the savings on your electric bill can be significant. For that reason, it’s best to invest in the highest quality rotary clothesline you can afford, as a well-made rotary dryer can last for years.

After over 30 hours of research, handpicking the best rotary clothes lines in the market, combing through their specifications, and scouring the net for clothesline reviews, we think the Brabantia Lift-o-Matic is the best rotary clothesline for most people.

This solid piece of equipment is rated highly in many user reviews, and we’ve consistently found that it feels just as robust and outperforms all other rivals hands down in this segment. Sure, it doesn’t rank as the cheapest rotary clothesline, however, it is a quality product that pays for itself over time.

 Drying SpaceNumber of linesDiameterHeightSuitable forWarrantyPrice 
Breezecatcher TS4-140 7-Line Outdoor Umbrella Clothesline42m(140 ft)7 lines10.8 feet200 cmMedium sized family wash
10 years$$$Click To Check Price on Amazon
Exaco Juwel Nova Plus 500 Rotary Line Dryer42m(140 ft)9 lines11 ft approx129 to 187 cm- working rangeMedium sized family wash
2 years$$$Click To Check Price on Amazon
Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Dryer Clothes Line60m (196 ft)11 lines per side for more drying space14.8 feet200 cmLarge sized family wash
5 years$$Click To Check Price on Amazon
Brabantia Topspinner Rotary Washing Line with Ground Spike - 131 feet40m (131 ft)8 lines13.5 feet190 cm
when fully extended
Large sized family wash5 years$Click To Check Price on Amazon

Handy Hint: Place lighter loads of wash on the lines close to the centre and work your way outwards for heavier loads.

Top 4 Rotary Clotheslines

1. Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Dryer Clothes Line

Looking solid and compact for a clothesline and offering almost 200 feet of drying space, Lift-o-Matic is one of Brabantia’s new range of rotary clothesline. Designed to accommodate large items of the size of queen sheets, the Brabantia rotary clothesline has all the makings to take the hard work out of hanging laundry out on a clothesline.


  • Arrives pre-strung for easy installation
  • Has multiple ratchets on the pole to lock the unit. So you can stop at the first ratchet, reposition to wherever you’re more comfortable, and push it to the top.
  • Can be adjusted for height so you can dry longer sheets duvets etc
  • Perfect for airing large bedding items, pillows and cushions
  • Comes with smoothly turning arms, thus allowing you to dry your laundry easier and faster.
  • The lines stay taut easily
  • Adjustable from 129 cm up to 187 cm, which means you can get it to glide to different heights with barely any effort
  • Comes complete with a nylon PVC cover with a zip up side


  • The centre post isn’t sturdy enough. Maybe some wedging or an additional support could make it a touch sturdier
  • Some users also complained that the lines tend to become kind of loose after getting tangled in strong gusts of wind.


Ideal for those who have a lot of laundry to dry, the Brabantia Lift-O-Matic gives great value for money. At this price point, we would not hesitate to recommend this Brabantia rotary clothes line. Check for the lowest price here

2. Breezecatcher TS4-140 7-Line Outdoor Umbrella Clothesline

Featuring seven sturdy PVC coated wires lines to spread out the load evenly, the TS4-140 is a special hand-made rotary clothesline from Breezecatcher that offers up to 150 ft of hanging space.
Well-built, practical and dependable, this rotary clothesline has a quality top frame made from sturdy aluminium, just like a real clothesline should be. What’s more, this Breezecatcher product also boasts of a smooth folding action with a quick, spring action latch mechanism that helps to lock it in firmly and securely.


  • A sturdy aluminium construction – from brackets to angles –  means better support and durability.
  • Features well-tensioned poly core PVC lines strung with a loopback to eliminate sagging
  • Offers enough space and support for hanging large queen size sheets
  • Extremely cheap for the years of service you get from it
  • Spins in the breeze to facilitate drying
  • Backed up by a solid 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • We also like the chunky feel of the components.


  • Quite expensive. But then the heavy-duty aluminium frame and solid components are well worth the extra cost.
  • Tends to spin a bit too easily if it gets too windy. Nevertheless, it is easy to hold and manoeuvre.
  • At times the wire is difficult to pull taut and becomes a tad flappy.


There it is. True to its name, the Breezecatcher makes good use of wind to speed up drying and also handles heavier loads like a charm. Although it’s pricey, like many reviews suggest, this clothesline lasts longer and is totally worth the investment. Check for the lowest price here

Handy Hint: When drying chunky or thick items, hang it in such a way that it is covered by more than one line.

3. Exaco Juwel Nova Plus 500 Rotary Line Dryer

Exaco Juwel’s integration of Twaron, which is a special space-age fibre, into rotary clotheslines represents a great work of innovation. This material cuts vibration in half and adds a touch of sturdiness and stability, resulting in a stable and wobble-free line.


  • The umbrella-like system goes up and down really well so you can bring it to your desired height level
  • Easy to put up and take down so you can use your backyard space for other things such as entertaining your guests
  • The Twaron lines don’t droop as much as the plastic lines and make it easy for the unit to hold large loads of wash.
  • Comes with a chintzy protective cover
  • The top frame spins to take advantage of changing winds, thus allowing for quicker and easier drying.


  • Some reviews suggest that there might be a problem with slacking of the lines and one has to keep tightening the line every time it slacks off a bit.
  • The protective cover that comes with The lines seem to give a little especially when putting heavy wet towels on it
  • Handy hanging loops for coat hangers could have been a nice addition.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty, which is not a bad thing per se. However, a 5-year warranty would be a good way to indicate that the makers are quite confident about its ability to last longer and withstand tough weather


Overall, Exaco Jewel Nova Plus 500 is a robust rotary clothesline that gets the job done. However, as you might expect at this price, the Exaco Jewel doesn’t come loaded with much extras- which is a bit of a bummer. Check for the lowest price here

Handy Hint: To facilitate natural spinning motion, hang your clothes and things on the outer fringes.

4. Brabantia Topspinner Rotary Washing Line with Ground Spike – 131 feet

Offering exactly 131 feet of drying length, the Brabantia Topspinner rotary washing line features a robust umbrella system that’s highly adjustable and retensionable in 3 different positions. What’s more, it also features high-quality UV-resistant washing lines with a non-slip finish. Ideal for mid-sized families with a large load of laundry to air, this product from Brabantia takes the honours of the Best Budget Rotary Clothesline.


  • Has the best ground clearance in its class. For instance, it allows bath towels, and bed linen to be hung lengthwise. That said, it could be kind of hard for shorter people.
  • Its lightweight design makes it a cinch to put up and take down.
  • The lines do not slacken so you don’t have to mess around trying to firm it up
  • Arms with smooth turning mechanism mean you can hang laundry easily and quickly without having to carry the basket around
  • Each arm is fitted with a handy loop for hanging cloth hangers, making it perfect for drying soft laundry
  • A loop in the centre allows for easy storage


  • Some reviews state that this clothesline might not be ideal for short people. I can’t see why short people can’t make good use of it, it’s just a case of reaching up slightly.
  • The ground spike that comes with the clothesline might be a bit tricky to install.
  • Just nitpicking a bit here; the centre pole needs to be firmly attached and locked in on the ground spike as the whole clothesline tends to rotate in the breeze, rather than the top frame as designed.


Overall, it is a sturdy clothesline with a solid design and looks extremely well-made. At less than $100, it’s definitely a good price point for a budget rotary clothesline. Check for the lowest price here


What can we say, having won many awards over the years, the Brabantia Lift-o-Matic is Amazon’s Choice for a good reason. If you ask us, this clothesline from Brabantia is the best due to convenience, quality, performance and a great price. If you’re in the market for a solid rotary clothesline, don’t look beyond the Brabantia Lift-o-Matic. Click to check the price and read more reviews here.Click to check the price and read more reviews here.



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