5 Reasons I Love Mexico

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The lovely VW Beetle - more popular than a Camry in Mexico!
The lovely VW Beetle – more popular than a Camry in Mexico!

After the first time I travelled to Mexico I knew this remarkable country would be in my head for the rest of my life. We travel to Mexico as much as we can, but it’s still not enough. And every time we leave we miss it.

I’m asked all the time what it is I love about Mexico and I can’t really pin it down to one reason. There are so many reasons to love Mexico but here are my top 5.

1. Volkswagen Beetles

According to this article  the cool older style Beetles were produced in Puebla, Mexico until 2003. They are often taxis in Mexico City, however, they don’t seem to be the objects of teenage affection as much as they were when I was growing up in New Zealand (along with Doc Marten boots and Radiohead) .
There is something about a gaggle of VW Beetles in the streets that makes me feel alright!

2. Machismo and Manners

Chivalry is not dead in Mexico, men still hold doors open and help you in and out of a taxi. There are some negatives to machismo – this isn’t one of them.
I also love the way diners say ‘Buen Provecho‘ (‘Enjoy your meal’) to all the other customers when they leave a cafe or restaurant. We were completely taken aback when it happened the first time, coming from countries where only weirdos interact with others in a restaurant we had no idea how to respond. Now we say ‘Gracias‘ and smile, loving how well-mannered Mexicans are.

3. Coffee

Best coffee in the world Gradios Deli Cafe Mexico City
This is it. The best coffee I have ever tasted.

I had the best coffee of my life in Mexico City in 2013. When we returned this year with only one day in the city we made sure we ordered two coffees in a row. If you want to try what is most likely the best coffee in the world head to Gradios Deli Cafe on Luis Moya in the Centro. The coffee will blow your mind! And their head Barista recently competed in the World Barista Championship in Italy so I’m definitely on to something.

I’ve also had excellent coffee at the Mexican coffee chain Cafe Punta del Cielo in Merida, Mexico City and Guadalajara and Cafe Grano in Ajijic, Jalisco. Mexican people know good coffee, it shows in their product.

4. Value for money

Mexico is cheap compared to Europe and Australia or New Zealand but a lot more expensive than South East Asia or Central America. We travel slow and try to rent houses for at least a month, but even when we splurge we still find it great bang for your buck.

Our wonderful view of Puerto Vallarta - for $60 a night!
Our wonderful view of Puerto Vallarta – for $60 a night!

5. They love my kid!

Of course I love places more if they make Dylan feel welcome but this is taking it to the extreme. Our regular taxista (taxi driver) in Lake Chapala always made sure to talk to Dylan and make him feel welcome. One day he gave him toy cars which were so appreciated as we travel light so Dylan doesn’t get many new toys.

Wait staff take Dylan off our hands so we can eat together (such a treat) and people on the bus are always so kind with giving us seats. We have been approached by teenagers wanting a photo with Dylan and have had numerous interactions with Mexican families as our children play together.

Friendly waitstaff who hold your baby. A recipe for happy parents!
Friendly waitstaff who hold your baby. A recipe for happy parents!

Just writing this has made me pine for Mexico, I’m hoping we have a similar experience here in Spain. If not, we’ll be heading back to the land of tacos next year. Which wouldn’t be so bad!



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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Love Mexico”

  1. Hi I spotted your comment on The Dropout Diaries. Barbara and I are both from NQ hence the connection. I clicked on your link because we’ve never been to Mexico and I would one day love to do a post titled 5 reasons I love Mexico. 🙂 I have been to Spain though and absolutely loved it. I loved the coffee in Spain too and I wonder how it compares to Mexico. My fav coffee chain in Barcelona was Bracafe (the Bra is from Brazil – coffee I mean). They have all sorts of coffee shops, we liked the little one downstairs from our Airbnb apartment. VW’s were trendy in Aus when I was a teenager too. I am way older than you (but NZ is a bit behind Aus) lol. Don’t get me wrong we adore N.Z. we’ve been there twice and have lots of Kiwi friends in Aus.

    • Hi Jan, thanks for reading. Mexico is amazing and I’m still pining for it but we arrived in Spain this week so I’m determined to make the most of it. So far the coffee is excellent! The cafe con leche is strong like a triple shot flat white. We are in Valencia at the moment but I will be sure to try out Bracafe when we go to Barcelona next month. I always appreciate coffee recommendations!
      After living in Sydney for ten years I have to agree with you about NZ being a little behind Australia, but don’t tell anyone!

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