Spend Less + Earn More + Live Your Dream Life

Want to travel the world? Volunteer at a local charity? Be a stay at home parent?
You can. For the past three years, I’ve focused on building online income streams to finance my dream to travel with family and eventually, move to Spain.

With a combination of frugal living and blimmin’ hard work, I’m now making enough money to pay for our travels and invest for the future.

If you want that too, keep reading.

First, we reduce our expenses.

Learning to live a frugal life has been the catalyst to my success. I couldn’t live how I do if I had expensive taste.

My home is small, we are a one-car (and four bike) family, have a strict budget and live quite happily without an electric dryer. I never feel that I am missing out as this life has become customary (one of the benefits of travel is that it forces you to live with less).

Then, we grow our income.

Frugality will get you a long way. But to truly find financial freedom, we need to earn more.

I’ve built a full-time business from blogging in part-time hours, as the mother of two young children with a husband who works fulltime. If you’re interested in blogging for income, check out the blogging courses that helped me make over $5000/month blogging.

There are plenty of other ways to make money online if blogging ain’t your thing.  Check out these ideas.

This blog covers all aspects of saving money and making money, as well as a few personal stories about my journey to financial freedom.
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